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The water final 1929 (Valencia)

The Cup went ahead and was played in winter to mark the start of the first Spanish League as we know it today.

The Madrid and the Spanish, the finalists, arrived at the great appointment unbeaten, with full victories for the meringues and only a tie of the parrots.

The day of the final came, and with it, the dreaded Cold Drop.

In full effervescence of the uprisings against Primo de Rivera, we had to add the danger of agglomerations of hobbies, not infrequently with infiltrated revolutionaries, capable of unleashing great and uncontrolled riots.

The rain and raining, the people began to get out of control thinking about the news of the possible postponement of the game, faced with the problem that was coming, the Civil Governor was forceful before the Presidents of both teams: “You decide right now whether you play or not. I do not want alterations of order. It is understood that if it is suspended, it will not be played in the whole week here. I do not want Valencia to be full of strangers among those who could sneak up troublemakers. “

But tight calendars are not a matter of the present, also at that time, the problem arose that the next day started for the first time in history, the National League Championship, so it seemed really complicated to postpone it a week. So the Madrid and the Spanish, jumped to the court.

Shortly before lunchtime, Mestalla looked like a lake instead of a pitch, the field was impracticable but there were the 22 warriors, ready to win the Cup.

With Zamora de muro del Español, it was for the first time that the parrots lifted the Cup with a 2 to 1 on the scoreboard, scoring Padrón and Bosch for the Blue and Whites and Lazcano for the Whites.

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