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The Amazon bird

Manuel Francisco dos Santos, few will tell you anything this name. Born in Magé (Brazil) of an unattractive appearance, with the right leg 6 centimeters larger than his left leg, the feet turned inwards 80 ° and the spine twisted.

Addicted to the tobacco from the 10 years, deceased to the 50 years because of his alcoholism. On his headstone he says “Here rests in peace the man who was the joy of the people”

The best dribbler of all time, with a brave, magical, cheerful and overflowing football, was on the verge of not being summoned by the Brazilian team to the 1958 World Cup because he did not pass the psychophysical test of the canarinha, even declaring the own psychologist of the federation: “It is a weak mental not apt to unfold in a collective game”

That was when his teammate, Nilton Santos, mutinied the entire Botafogo squad to force the addition of GARRINCHA to the Brazilian team against all internal reports.
Garrincha, nickname that his brothers put to him to Manuel, by its ungainly aspect similar to a bird of the Brazilian Amazon, went to the world-wide appointment, where it had a son with a Swedish and next to Pele managed to take to Brazil the World Cup, at that time the Jules Rimet.

It was at the 1962 World Cup in Chile when the world went up, Pele fell injured in the group stage, Brazil was on the edge of the abyss, the country was in shock without any faith, then Garrincha emerged as a geyser assuming the leading role, threw himself into Brazil, team and country behind to return to crown the Canarinha as World Champions.
That was when Pele, considered the best of all time, surrendered at the feet of Don Mané Garrincha, declaring: “He was capable of doing things with the ball that no player could do. Without Garrincha, I would never have been triple world champion “

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